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Rattan, Rahul


Bachelor of Engineering
Panjab University, India, 2006

Doctor of Philosophy

University of Michigan, 2013

    About This Team Member

    Rahul graduated from Panjab University, India in 2006 with a BE in Biotechnology. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. He is characterizing the impact of dendrimer based drug delivery on mammalian cells, specifically the way these polymers and the polymer/DNA polyplexes interact with cell membranes and enter cells.

    Rahul also has a substantial interest in translating ideas to the clinic and has also focused on invention. He was an active participant in the Ross Business School's Dare to Dream program, the 2009 ASME Innovation Showcase (IShow) competition, and was recently a featured inventor at the University of Michigan's annual Celebrate Inventation event. This event showcases inventors from all over campus and most typically highlights faculty led groups. Rahul's invention, the Endocutter, was developed with a group of students originating from a project in a BME course. The Endocutter converts a traditional endoscope into a device that can cut up and remove blood clots, without damaging the stomach, making the identifical of bleeding areas in the stomach much more feasible and efficient. The invention can be viewed at This is wondeful example of biomedical innovation and points to Rahul's powerful combination of strong science and engineering coupled with entrepreneurship.

    Rahul is currently working at the University of Michigan medical school.


    2008 Dare to Dream recipient (through University of Michigan Business School).

    2008 BME Idea stipend award recipient (through NCIIA)




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