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Maggie Kober

    About This Team Member

    Maggie Kober was in the University of Michigan in LS&A's Honors program as a double major in biology and Spanish. Maggie performed AFM experiments to examine how nanoparticles cause biological membrane permeability and examined the viscosity changes in cells undergoing apoptosis. She graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School, during which she was a Duke Global Health Fellow at the World Health Organization. She is currently completing her dermatology residency at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, NY and will begin a fellowship in Mohs micrographic surgery/procedural dermatology in July 2015.

    Maggie's paper in Bioconjugate Chemistry 2006, 17,728-734 was selected as one of the top 25 "best Articles and Communications from the first 25 years of BC, highlighting the breadth of science and impact of the journal."


    Pulsed-laser creation and characterization of giant plasma membrane vesicles from cells

    C. V. Kelly, M.-M. Kober, P. Kinnunen, D. A. Reis, B. G. Orr, M. M. Banaszak Holl
    Journal of Biological Physics

    Interaction of Polycationic Polymers with Supported Lipid Bilayers and Cells: Nanoscale Hole Formation and Enhanced Membrane Permeability.

    S. Hong, P. R. Leroueil, E. K. Janus, J. L. Peters, M.-M. Kober, M .T. Islam, B. G. Orr, J. R. Baker, Jr., and M. M. Banaszak Holl.
    Bioconjugate Chemistry